Accessibility is not a limit to creativity and the need for originality. Moreover, although one may think otherwise, it does not oblige to design graphically dull and grey websites.

The Friuli in prin website was designed so as to comply with all accessibility and quality requirements provided for by Law no. 4 of January 9, 2004, Provisions aimed at facilitating the access to information tools by the disabled, of the Directive concerning the Guidelines on Coordinated Communication Plans for Websites of Institutes reporting to the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities and the Guidelines on Websites of Government Departments: www.otebac.it

Surfing Utilities

In order to simply surfing and make it faster, the following shortcuts can be used:
  1. Pressing the CTRL key and keeping it pressed while scrolling with the mouse, you can increase or decrease the font size of the page you are viewing.
  2. Pressing the SHIFT key and keeping it pressed while scrolling with the mouse wheel, you can replace the NEXT and BACKWARD functions when scrolling pages.
  3. You can surf using the keyboard only. According to your browser, access keys will enable a functionality or move the cursor over a functionality; then press the Tab or Enter key to enable it.

Useful Links:

ADOBE Acrobat Reader: In order to read PDF documents, please download this utility from the ADOBE website

Links from other websites are appreciated, especially if they are notified to the editorial staff in order to facilitate the prompt implementation of any further change.

Notification of Problems

Although we devoted the utmost attention and commitment to the design of this website, some pages could be partly inaccessible to some people. Any accessibility problem can be notified to: friulinprin@beniculturali.it